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The Hoskinson Group is led by Gordon Hoskinson, the world-renowned expert and leading innovator in Waste to Energy (WtE) production through his proprietary gasification and combustion process that meets or exceeds applicable environmental standards today.  He is also a World War II veteran.

The Hoskinson design is the Renewable Energy Solution that does not consume natural resources and uses only garbage and other waste to produce up to 10 MW of electricity per 150 to 175-ton per day installation.

Mr. Hoskinson is considered the world’s foremost expert on modular pyrolysis and gasification for the last 45 years and is widely recognized as the most important inventor in this entire industry.  The U.S. EPA recognizes his work in the late 1950’s and referred to him in the late 1970‘s as the “...Father of the controlled air smokeless process based on the principals of after-burning.”

Mr. Hoskinson is and always has been “hands on” in all stages of development of each generation of his machines and has started several companies in this field including the current business located in Florida.

Mr. Hoskinson holds numerous patents in the field and is known for inventing the Hoskinson Pyrolytic Gasification technology for use in waste disposal; Pyrolysis is the proven technology breaking down of matter into char, tars, oil and hydrocarbon gas in the absence of oxygen.  While Hoskinson’s Pyrolitic portion of the process is oxygen-starved, it still maintains many of the benefits of complete pyrolysis.  

In 1954, Gordon Hoskinson was building heat exchangers in New Hyde Park, New York and had a lot of trash from the operation and large heat bills heating the plant. He built his first WtE unit called the “Shop Heater”. The trash from the manufacturing operation was ample to heat the plant. As suppliers of parts for his operation saw the results they wanted him to build one for them.

He started the true modern revolution in WtE through the world where small, efficient combustion units became a reality overnight.

Since 1958, Gordon has been making and delivering waste combustion units of multiple sizes and for various uses.  His older component designs have been copied by at least 100 companies worldwide and in many cases, are still in use.  He designed the controlled air and after burner combination, which was later called “Pyrolytic Gasification” by the Engineering Society of the United States.

Fly ash and dirt were the bane of the old incinerator design that caused a bad reputation for New York apartment buildings. It became a national joke in the 60’s.  The Hoskinson design was a totally new design that eliminated this problem and gained immediate acceptance worldwide.

A demonstration in London at the Quaglino Hotel in the 60’s to the press corp of London led to more than 1000 machines being built by Middon Industries of Walterhampton, England the first year!

Throughout the next 3 decades, Gordon Hoskinson manufactured and sold thousands of units to many of the Fortune 500 Companies, the White House, other federal agencies, nearly all international airports, and most of the major medical centers in North America.

After his experience in Korea, Barbados and other countries in the 90’s, he was retained as a consultant by a firm in Indiana to develop the next generation medical waste modular combustor based on his decades- long proven experience and technology.

Two years of intense research was completed, and from that research, major innovations have been added to our latest version of Hoskinson’s successful designs legacy.


Latest Accomplishments

  1. 1.Added state-of-the-art turbine/generator set to the design.

  2. 2.Granted Patents Pending on additional innovations to the primary chamber.

  3. 3.Forged manufacturing relationship with Kirk & Blum for to enable complete turnkey manufacturing and rapid deployment.

  4. 4.Completes muti-unit facility design integrated with easy expansion capability.

About Gordon Hoskinson


name:  Gordon Hoskinson

location:  Florida

Occupation:  Life-long inventor, father of the modular waste-to-energy technology

Passion: Globally change people’s view of waste and turn its problem into a solution for generations to come

Click here for British Pathe News Reel that includes Gordon in March 1960!http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=41341

Gordon Hoskinson and Julie Berke, cir 2007

Gordon Hoskinson, cir 1960!