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It just makes sense to use the waste and garbage that our society creates and turn it into a responsible and  clean source of renewable energy. 

This is the ultimate Renewable Energy Solution available today. Our Waste-to-Energy power plant is designed to convert many types of waste into a source of stable and continuous electricity for homes and businesses.  And in the process, our design also meets or exceeds all applicable environmental requirements without the use of extensive and expensive anti-pollution control equipment.

Whether its disposing of Municipal Solid Waste, Industrial Waste, or Medical Waste, The Hoskinson Group has the right solution tailored to meet your requirements and we have the history to prove it.

Each Plant uses our proven and proprietary pyrolytic gasification process which reaches temperatures of nearly 2,000°F that very efficiently disposes of waste, pathogens, and other pollutants.  Operating at these temperatures very efficiently converts even high-humidity content waste into power  at up to 6 MW per 150-tons per day of waste.  Higher BTU content waste may produce up to 10 MW per unit.

The Plant uses virtually no external fossil fuel, produces no discernible pollution, and uses proven and innovative Hoskinson technology developed by Gordon Hoskinson over the last 45 years, which makes it is easier to maintain and operate.  Staying true to a “keep it simple” philosophy also reduces the Total Cost of Ownership and provides for the potential to operate each plant at a profit.

We can increase the waste throughput using our unique scalable design to consume up to 800 tons of waste per day and produce a corresponding increase in electricity production by co-locating up to four of our gasification and combustion units into one Facility.  This multi-unit deployment strategy also provides for a rotational preventative maintenance schedule for each unit without shutting down all operations.  Additionally, geographically distributing our Waste-to-Energy Facilities around larger communities results in more efficient waste collection operations that can consume thousands of tons of waste per day.

Our modular “bolt-together” design keeps on-site fabrication to an absolute minimum which increases the quality and speed of the installation.  Full Facility operations can be initiated within 12 months or so from the time of purchase.  Download our latest brochure here for a summary of features.

The Hoskinson Group has the experience and knowledge to solve the problem of waste that many cities face today.

In many cases, the electricity-generating component of the Facility provides a financial bonus to the dire need of removing the waste and usually provides a profit center for the community or private enterprise.  In these times of tight budgets, this can help bridge the gap to pay for essential community services.

Contact us today with your requirements and turn a problem of waste into a source of Renewable Energy for generations to come!

Rendering of Gasification Facility

Rendering of a Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy Facility

The Hoskinson Solution

Copyright © 2010 The Hoskinson Group, LLC 
All Rights Reserved
Copyright © 2010 The Hoskinson Group, LLC 
All Rights Reserved

A 45-year history of delivering proven and practical Waste-to-Energy machines throughout the world