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  1. Using our Waste-to-Energy plant reduces the dependance of fossil fuels to generate power - Fuel costs will continue to rise resulting in higher electricity prices.

  2. Our solution changes the current waste strategy using garbage as a fuel and revenue generator - Costs to maintain the current waste strategy will increase.

  3. We can also use Methane in our Plant that is generated from land filled garbage.  Methane contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions that any other type.

  4. Landfill fires are virtually uncontrollable, produce very toxic gases, and can be avoided through our controlled gasification and combustion process.

  5. Landfill liners are susceptible to leakage after an earthquake and can start to leak toxic chemical into water reserves for decades.

  6. We meet or exceed all applicable environmental standards.

  7. We do it faster, better, and more efficiently that any thing else out there.  There is no one more experienced than Gordon Hoskinson in delivering Waste-to-Energy solutions.

  8. Our technology is proven and battle tested.

  9. Our solution can provide a tremendous, long-term profit center for the owner of the Waste-to-Energy Plant.

Why us, why now?

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Methane is 21 times more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere when compared to CO2,  according to the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change Second Assessment Report

U.S. EPA on Methane