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Hoskinson Energy Park
Leading the Future
in Renewable Energy Solutions 
Committed to Revolutionizing the Waste-to-Energy Landscape

As a U.S.-based company, we specialize in converting various waste types, such as Municipal, Industrial, Medical, Tires, etc. into energy. We are committed to turning waste into a resource while simultaneously contributing to the reversal of climate change.

The Hoskinson Technology represents an advanced waste-to-energy (WtE) solution based on its proprietary pyrolytic gasification and oxidation process, which sets it apart from conventional mass burn excess air incineration. 

Hoskinson Pyrolytic gasification
What Makes Us Different? 

The factors that distinguish Hoskinson are its thermal efficiency, its minimal ash generation and its scalability, but mainly the human team stands out for providing the best solutions that exceed the expectations of our clients and associates, from the development and financing stages, to those of construction and operation.

people planting
environmental social governance

We are dedicated to ESG principles, striving for a positive environmental impact, social inclusivity, and responsible corporate governance in all aspects of our energyparks and to set the standard for sustainable energy parks of the future.

oxidation chamber

Our proprietary pyrolytic gasification and oxidation process, developed by Hoskinson nearly 50 years ago and perfected over the same time, provides a near complete level of gasification and oxidation with virtually no fly ash.

The factors that distinguish The Hoskinson Group are primarily thermal efficiency, minimal ash generation, and scalability. Additionally, our team of leaders provides the best solutions whose results exceed the expectations of our clients and associates, from development and financing to the construction and operation of plants. 


The Hoskinson Group has a 50-year history of delivering proven and practical Waste-to-Energy solutions worldwide within Municipal Industrial and Medical industries. 

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