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Hydrogen Production

Combining an electrolysis-based hydrogen production process with a waste-to-energy facility establishes a mutually beneficial relationship, where the excess energy produced by converting waste is utilized efficiently to create a flexible and clean energy source. This results in a more holistic and sustainable energy system that is well-integrated.

Integrating electrolysis-based hydrogen production with our waste-to-energy facility involves using surplus electricity generated during high-energy production periods to power electrolyzers. These devices split water into hydrogen and oxygen through an electrochemical process.

This clean hydrogen can replace fossil fuels for black starts and serve as fuel for a hydrogen village, vehicles, industrial processes, or hydrogen-based energy storage systems.

This integration boosts overall facility efficiency by utilizing surplus electricity, creating a symbiotic relationship between waste-to-energy and hydrogen production, and contributing to a more sustainable energy ecosystem.

video shows electrolysis process on a smaller scale 

Hydrogen Production

Carbon Capture


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