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Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Location: Barbados

Time of Operation: 1993-present 


Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Summary: Hoskinson’s method of disposing of the most hazardous waste has been used in the medical disposal industry for years. Years of hands-on research and development specific to the challenges of destroying pathogens, bio-waste, and other material emanating from healthcare facilities. For more than two decades, Gordon has installed combustion gasifiers in many of the major medical centers in the U.S., including the Medical Center at Emory University and many of the major hospitals in NY. As the waste was combusted, most installations included a boiler to capture the heat and generate steam for use in their medical centers.

Since 1990, Gordon Hoskinson has been a Board Member of Statewide Medical Services.

Statewide Medical Services Plant

Location: Indiana

Time of Operation: 1990-present 


Statewide Medical Serices 

Summary: The Hoskinson Medical Waste Plant has been disposing of the Hospital's bio-hazardous waste efficiently and effectively. It is easy to operate and is a proven asset to Hospital operations. Some of the Benefits include: - High efficiency (up to 95%), with minimal down time - Little to no fly ash - Low cost to purchase and operate - Meets or exceeds all applicable environmental requirements - Easily disposes of even high moisture content waste

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