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Building a Decarbonized Future 

Hokinson's Carbon-Negative Waste-to-Energy Park strategy is centered around a revolutionary idea to attain carbon negativity. This approach seeks to produce energy from waste and take it one step further by actively sequestering and removing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than is emitted during the entire process.


This novel vision represents a steadfast commitment to transforming waste into a valuable resource and simultaneously significantly contributing to combating climate change. It represents a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

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Carbon Negative Strategy

Creating a Carbon-Negative Waste-to-Energy Park that
embodies a commitment to turning waste into a resource while simultaneously contributing to the
reversal of climate change.

Carbon Capture

Carbon capture at the stack reduces and mitigates carbon emissions released during the energy generation process.

Hydrogen Production

The Park uses surplus electricity generated from the waste-to-energy process to power electrolysis units and integrate hydrogen production.

Strategy Overview

Our Technology


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