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Location: Approximately 35 restaurants

Time of Operation: 1960's

Performance Overview:

  • Approximately 35 McDonald's restaurants installed Hoskinson's smaller unit. The unit consumed both paper and food waste on a daily basis and the franchise owners were very pleased with the performance.

McDonalds Plant
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Emerald Energy Waste Facility 

Toronto, Canada

Emerald Energy from Waste

Location: Toronto, Canada

Time of Operation: Over 30 years- Completed in 1992, it has been in continuous operation. 

Specifications & Performance:

  • 400-500 TPD

  • 151,000 tons of MSW, industrial waste, tires, and other specialty waste per year from the Toronto metro area.

  • Operated 24 hours per day, seven days per week

  • Approximately 5 to 6 days of waste is stored within the building, which includes negative air pressure to keep dust and odors within the building.

  • Approximately 7,500 tons of metal per year are recovered. White goods and propane tanks are separated from the waste before gasification. There is no front-end Material Recovery installed at this location. Most of metro Toronto participates in a Tri-Stream Recycling Program where most of the recyclable material is directed to a separate clean MRF, the largest in Canada.

  • At the end of the gasification process in the primary chamber, a small amount (±7%) of vitrified and inert ash drops into a specially designed water-filled ash removal system below the primary chamber, which cools the ash and delivers it to a storage area pending final disposition. The ash is a safe, nonhazardous material suitable for use as landfill cover or as an aggregate in embankments or asphalt products.

Emerald Energy from Waste site, Canada
The facility’s air quality control train was upgraded with an SCR in 2001 to meet the stringent requirements of the Ministry of the Environment Regulations. In some cases, air quality standards are more stringent than those of the USEPA.
Emerald Energy from Waste site, Canada

Emerald Energy Waste Facility 

Toronto, Canada



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