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Recycled trash sorted

Whether it's disposing of Municipal Solid WasteIndustrial Waste, or Medical Waste, The Hoskinson Group has a 50-year history of delivering proven and practical Waste-to-Energy solutions worldwide. 

​Customers included Xerox, the Medical Center at Emory University, the White House, Northeast Maryland Waste Disposal Authority, the Secret Service, Rockwell International, Korea, Anderson Windows, Statewide Medical Services, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and some of the world's most exclusive resorts and hotels.

Man carrying municipal waste

House and Commerce Waste, such as:

Organic matter: Includes food scraps and gardening material 

Paper and cardboard: Newspapers, magazines, packaging, boxes and containers

Plastic: Plastic bottles, bags, and other containers

Glass: Glass bottles and jars

Metals: Cans and other metal objects

Woods: Furniture and other wood products 

Textiles: Clothing and household decorations

Needle as an example of hazardous medical waste

Infectious Biological Hazardous Waste

Semi-Truck tires as example of Other types of waste

What does not fall into aforementioned verticles:

- Vehicle Tires
- Grass & tree trimming
- Food waste (from restaurants or similar

Bulldozer at Industrial waste site

Everything Included in Municipal, except hazardous or demolition waste

Our Technology


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