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The Hoskinson Group is a prominent leader in renewable energy solutions, with the expertise to manage every stage from development and financing to construction and operation of waste-to-energy baseload power plants. Our team excels in delivering proven and dependable solutions.

The Hoskinson Group boasts an impressive track record of obtaining approvals for waste-to-energy facilities, not only in the United States but also on a global scale. As the Technology Provider and primary Project Manager, the Hoskinson Management Team oversees the production and installation of key pyrolytic gasification units. This entails supervising Design/Build or EPC teams for major projects, selecting equipment and contractors, and directing various phases of the project from engineering and integration to construction, commissioning, and continuous operations.

The Hoskinson Group's local Civil and Structural Team meticulously selects skilled contractors to execute this particular aspect of the project, ensuring the use of local expertise and promoting employment opportunities within the community.

Our team is highly experienced, leveraging our proven methodology, swift project delivery, simplified design approach, and effective Air Quality Control system to our advantage.

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History of Gordon Hoskinson

 A U.S.-based company, we specialize in converting various waste types (Municipal, Industrial, Medical, Tires, etc.) into energy. Gordon Hoskinson, the company's founder, is renowned as the "Father of Modern pyrolysis and gasification" by the U.S. EPA is the inventor of this technology.

- The evolution of Hoskinson's technology through four versions, each more efficient than its predecessor, is notable. Its capability to efficiently process waste with up to 60% moisture content, typical outside the U.S. and Europe, is a significant advantage. The utilization of a steam-to-turbine/generator method ensures reliable base power production.

- Hoskinson's technology has been adopted by notable companies such as Xerox, General Electric, and various government entities, including the U.S. Department of Defense and international airports.

- Major hospitals and universities, including Emory University and Texas Tech Medical Center, rely on Hoskinson's technology to dispose of medical waste and utilize generated hot water or steam.

- Over time, Hoskinson franchised designs to over 20 domestic and international manufacturers, including Kelly, Consumat, Hovel, Midland-Ross, and others, implementing Versions 3 and 4 in diverse global locations.

After over nine years of intense research and development, Version 5 continues to refine Hoskinson's core principles for even greater efficiency.

Hoskinson's Story of Success
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